Mexico · February 8 - 11 2024

Rewiring Food Consciousness

Conscious Eating meets Hypnotherapy to transform your relationship with Food



This retreat offers a profound exploration into the intricacies of our relationship with food. Inspired in food psychology and hypnotherapy, this journey offers a deep dive into the conscious and subconscious dimensions of eating, to redefine participants' relationship with food. This immersion will blend sensory workshops and conscious eating practices led by Charles X Michel, and a comprehensive hypnotherapy protocol led by Diego Winburn. Facilitated by Daniela Litowitz, participants will be guided towards a more mindful and harmonious relationship with food transcending conventional beliefs regarding eating habits, perceptions and behaviors. This intimate gathering will be the culmination of a personalized journey preceding the event. Our team will guide one or more online sessions to understand your needs and challenges, in order to tailor your retreat experience. This gathering will also mark the beginning of a 21-day challenge for you to implement new positive eating habits. By evolving our relationship to food, we not only nourish our bodies but also forge more loving pathways in our relationship to ourselves, society, and nature.


Eating Therapy

Eating Therapy

We are curating an intimate cohort of people interested in transforming their relationship to eating. This Retreat will mark the beginning of a 21-day challenge to positively shift your eating habits. Special needs or abilities will be tailored for.

Rewiring the Mind

Rewiring the Mind

Together, we will work on your subconscious mind through a series of hypnotherapy sessions. This process offers a "new software" aligned with your needs and goals. The expected shift is for your subconscious to function as a supportive agent rather than an obstacle in your self-improvement journey.

Conscious Eating Practice

Conscious Eating Practice

Food is the most intimate connection we establish with the world around us. This experience will showcase ways to relate to food in more conscious ways, understanding that eating is the most fundamental medium for health and wellbeing. It is also a political, and spiritual act.

Lifelong Learnings

Lifelong Learnings

Understanding subconscious and conscious eating habits has the potential to transform your relationship to food. We will provide actionable tools to ease your journey to healthier behaviors.

A Restorative Experience

A Restorative Experience

During this educational retreat, you will be able to relax and open yourself to a new way of eating. We will enjoy convivial and artistic meals of locally-sourced, plant-forward and seasonal ingredients. All of this in one of the most beautiful landscapes and retreat spaces in Mexico.

Special Offer

Special Offer

This is a unique experience, hosted in a high-end venue. That said, we want to remain as financially inclusive as possible. We offer a discounted price for Latin-American and Global South citizens. Use the code LATAM for a 10% Discount on the experience ticket, extra night and additional 1-on-1 online sessions. Reach out to for any further enquiries.


Charles x Michel

Charles x Michel

Charles is passionate about elevating food as a medium to transform our relationship to ourselves, to society, and to nature.

He is a renowned chef, an experience designer, an artist using food and the meal ritual as media, a professor at several culinary institutions, a consultant in regenerative practices, and former researcher in experimental psychology at Oxford University.

Charles starred in “The Final Table” on Netflix. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Bars and the Basque Culinary Centre recently named him an Empowering Educator in the 50 Next Class of 2022, a list of global game changers shaping the future of food.

You can read more about his work here.

Diego Winburn

Diego Winburn

Diego is a certified hypnotherapist trained at the prestigious Jacquin Hypnosis Academy in London. With over a decade of experience in the field of hypnotherapy, Diego has mastered a unique approach to reprogramming the subconscious, effectively resolving complex mental, physical and emotional health issues. Diego is also a renowned mentalist and illusionist. His series "Diego Street Magic" featured on NBC, and Telemundo.

In his hypnosis practice, he is recognized for a deep sense of empathy. He has helped hundreds successfully overcome detrimental habits such as smoking, emotional eating, past trauma, and phobias. His "Hipnocast" is one of the most listened Podcasts in Latinamerica.

You can read more about his work here.

Daniela Litowitz

Daniela Litowitz

Daniela is ceremonial facilitator, retreat designer and strategic advisor for high-impact leaders around the world. Over the last 20 years, she has embarked on her own spiritual path parallel to her work in facilitation and social impact with Columbia University, UPenn’s Center for Social Impact Strategy and Jerusalem Venture Partners, amongst others.

Her life mission is to explore healing practices through the use of plant medicines, providing safe spaces to explore the nature of reality and building bridges between seemingly distant worlds and ancestral traditions.

Daniela is a 500hr certified yoga teacher and received her 200hr certification at Kripalu, the yoga of compassion. She has studied diverse wisdom traditions with teachers in Israel, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and India.



We will begin our immersion on Friday the 9th at 10:00. The Retreat will end at 16:00 on Sunday the 11th. You can choose to arrive one day early to attend a traditional Temazcal, and wake up on site the morning of the event.




Conscious Eating Practices

Charles will guide you through a blend of practical and theoretical sessions encompassing the art, science and philosophy of eating. 

  • Sensorial Presence. Rooted in experimental psychology and sensory science, this session will open your body and mind to the perceptual mechanisms of sensing and perceiving.
  • Yoga of Food. Just like Yoga, Conscious Eating is a practice. We will share skills to allow you to engage in mindful eating.
  • Food Meditations. Every morning, the first sip of water, and the first bite of food will be guided during a collective experience.
  • The Art of Plating. Making food beautiful is a key to awareness in the act of eating. We will share two sessions exploring the way we design food experiences affects behavior and improves quality of life.

Rewiring your Subconscious

Diego will begin by providing a comprehensive introduction to hypnosis, followed by three hypnotherapy sessions, each addressing crucial subconscious rewiring needs.

  • Neutralizing Emotional Eating. Transform the subconscious habit that drives emotional eating, ensuring you eat in response to metabolic hunger rather than emotions.
  • Eliminating Harmful Habits. Adjust the subconscious tendencies that fuel a dependence on foods such as carbs and sugar, to break the patterns behind harmful habits.
  • Self-Image. Explore the subconscious patterns behind body image to foster self-love and unconditional acceptance.

A Regenerative Experience

This experience is an invitation to connect with nature and yourself in a supportive, soft and thought-provoking environment in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Mexico. These are some of the optional experiences you can enjoy during the experience. 

  • Traditional Temazcal. Purify body and spirit.
  • Yoga Practice. In between two "Yoga of Food" sessions, you are welcome to join a soft Yoga practice to uplift you from the inside out.
  • Recharge. The venue harbors a heated pool, beautiful gardens and patios, perfect for intimacy, reflection and relaxation. 
  • Hikes. During free hours, go for a walk in the beautiful paths surrounding Malinalco.

What's Included

What's Included

3 days of programing

2 nights of accommodation in beautiful shared rooms

3 hypnotherapy sessions led by Diego Winburn

3 workshops on culinary art, food philosophy and insights from psychological science led by Charles X Michel

1 pre-event session with Charles and Diego to initiate the process

Unique food experiences curated by the CxM team, and local chefs

Delicious healthy food from Friday lunch, to Sunday lunch

Accommodation on Thursday the 7th

Temazcal Experience

Transportation to and from the venue

A Hidden Gem

The best retreat and educational center in Mexico

Our experience will be set in a place that offers privileged contact with nature, a delicious climate, and tangible energy that creates an ideal environment for Retreats, Individual Development Seminars, Courses, and Workshops. Located in the heart of Malinalco in Mexico (a beautiful colonial town) and surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation, you will find a very special privately owned house and property full of mysticism and Mexican art.

A Hidden Gem



"The week was nourishing mentally and physically, and my life will never be the same!"

Frankie Fang


"I feel that after the sessions, there is a reset of my energy and a change in relation to what I do during the day. I feel lighter".



"In just a single week, I feel reconnected with food, nature, and people, and now have a clear sense of direction going forward in pursuit of a happy sustainable life".

Shaun Hall


"I have felt very connected to the here and now since I have been hearing your podcasts. Thank you for providing tools for life".



"I feel deeply inspired after this week and am so grateful for all the beautiful moments, everything I have learned and all the incredible connections."

Tessa Straver


"I will, without a shadow of doubt, carry the lessons I learned with me for the rest of my life. Inspiring and educational and so much more".

Lena Ficchi

Add Ons


Make this 2h drive safely and comfortably. We pick you up in Mexico City and drive you to the venue on Thursday around midday, or Friday early morning. Return to the city on Sunday afternoon. NOTE: this price only covers a ONE WAY trip. For a return trip, book 2 transports....
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Temazcal - Thursday the 8th

This traditional Mexica Sweat Lodge will allow you to arrive and connect with the land before the Retreat. Temazcal ceremonies help cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, and can have a profound spiritual significance and positive impact on mood. This experience will happen at 5pm on Thursday the 8th of February, before the start of the Retreat. You will need to arrive to the venue at 16:00 latest....
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Extra coaching/therapy session (60 min)

A 1-hour session is included in the Retreat's ticket. If you would like us to work on a particular issue together, we highly recommend you booking an additional session prior to the event....
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2 extra sessions prior to the event (120 min)

Book two extra sessions. One prior to the event to prepare your conscious and subconscious to make the best of the Retreat sessions, and one after the event to integrate insights and follow-up on the implementation of the retreat's work....
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Additional night on Thursday the 8th

The event will begin on Friday the 9th at 10:00. You can choose to arrive one day early, and attend an optional Temazcal. Check-in will happen on Thursday between 14:00 and 17:00. Includes dinner on Thursday, and breakfast on Friday. If you book an extra for a Private Room, the upgrade will be extended to this extra night....
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Private Room, Private Bathroom

A double room just for yourself. This could be a charming private room next to the pool, or in the main house.


Private Room, Shared Bathroom +

Double bed in a private room. A beautiful bathroom is shared with an adjacent room.


Private Room, Shared Bathroom

Book a single bed in a private room.


You'll Be Staying Here

A home to rest and connect

A home to rest and connect

Charming, cozy rooms for 2-3 people filled with art and amenities.


We will cook and eat organic, seasonal, and mostly plant-based ingredients. Los Placeres, the best eatery in town, will prepare and serve most of our meals. We will do our best to accommodate any food allergy or dietary restriction.

Transportation is not included in the ticket price. You can purchase transportation door to door (from/to Mexico City) through us, or arrive directly to the venue.

In case of cancellation on your end, your deposit will serve as a credit toward a future CxM experience. In case of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, 90% of your deposit will be reimbursed, and the rest will serve as credit for a future CxM experience.

This program is designed to offer insights and tools for understanding one's relationship with food. However, it should not replace the expertise and guidance of dedicated eating disorder specialists. While the program can be supportive in one's healing journey, we do not claim it is a standalone cure. If you have an eating disorder we strongly recommend consulting with certified specialists, using our program as an added layer of support in your holistic recovery.

Hypnotherapy employs psychological factors, such as imagination and suggestion, to reprogram the subconscious. This process helps each person modify their perceptions, sensations, thoughts, and behaviors at a subconscious level. It is used to address various issues, including anxiety management, pain relief, and addiction treatment. Hypnosis induces a state of deep relaxation, in which the mind becomes highly focused and receptive to positive suggestions. From this state, direct communication is made with the part of the subconscious responsible for your habits and relationship with food and your body, aiming to reprogram it. This technique is effective in dissociating emotional and physical reactions from memories, allowing for the replacement of harmful responses with healthier associations. Hypnotherapy guides you through the process of recalling, reframing, and reconstructing events, with the aim of aligning your physical and mental realms to minimize counterproductive reactions, such as harmful eating habits. This therapeutic method is widely recognized for its efficacy in helping people achieve their goals and overcome challenges, leveraging the power of their subconscious mind to foster a positive mental environment and increased self-awareness.

Yes, everyone can be hypnotized as it is a natural and relaxed state similar to daydreaming or the moments before sleep. During hypnosis, you will experience profound relaxation while your mind remains active and alert, allowing you to focus inward and easily ignore external distractions, deeply engaging with the process.

Hypnosis develops through various stages, beginning with redefining the problem and progressing to a relaxation phase. This stage is crucial for directly accessing and reprogramming your subconscious mind through visualizations and positive suggestions. Subsequently, you return to a usual state of consciousness to reflect on the lived experience. During this process, you will not only experience a transition from deep relaxation to constructive subconscious work but also maintain your consciousness and memory at all times. Despite the depth of relaxation and immersion in the experience, the sessions remain interactive. Your ability to listen, respond, and remember is essential and preserved, being a fundamental component for the success of the session.

Every treatment journey is personalized. We commence with initial sessions, diligently crafting a comprehensive insight into your needs, which informs the meticulous customization of your course. Upon concluding the course we extend the opportunity for additional sessions designed to further nurture your journey, supporting and solidifying your progress in line with your specific needs and evolution.

No experience is required. We welcome people from all walks of life that are willing to engage in this program to rewire their connection to food. 
We will do our best at adapting to diverse needs and abilities. 

Rewiring Food Consciousness

Mexico · February 8 - 11 2024 · 3 nights